Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Children + Fire = Danger

Just step in my house, my sis and mom started to tell story. This afternoon, the house next next door on my right just caught fire.

I looked at them unbelievable. Fire? I never thought it would happened just a few meter away from my house and my house was lucky to escape from the fire. The house next to it was caught by the fire as well. Then started to smell some burning smell.

The root cause was suspected that the 6 years old child was playing with lighter upstair while his granny was doing house chore downstair. Accidently the fire started to spread. The granny was only notice when someone opposite shout that their house caught fire. The granny immediately escape out from the house with her grandchild.

She knocked on my door to borrow the phone but my sis thought it was just some swindle and do not bother her. Later only she sense something went wrong because it was a bit chaotic outside and some burning smell.

My mom who came back in the afternoon saw the fire was spreading through the roof top very fast. Everyone was worried while waiting for the fireman to came for the rescued but they waited for quite long and the fireman was not arrived. Besides that when the fireman came, they have difficulty to connect the host.

My house was lucky to escape being affected because my neighbour had build up a high wall as a divider and that wall had blocked the fire from spreading over.

Children are alway curious and like to play with something they're not allowed to. It's really dangerous to left children at home without supervision. Even with supervision need to be really careful of what they can reach out. In Malaysia, there are alot of fire cases which were cause by carelessness of human being. Fire can be our friend as well as our enemy...

Monday, December 21, 2009








Saturday, December 19, 2009

20091213 ~ Broga Hill

Malaysia's December is full of holiday. Except the first week, we just need to work 4 days per week.

Initially plan to go for SkyTrex on 11-December but later being cancelled. It was my fault because I fail to make the reservation early as planned. Felt so bad for my friends since we managed to gather around 10 pax for the activity.

It has been a very long time since the last trip I had with HK, Sam, SK... Recently found that my sis went to Broga Hill (武來岸山) which located at Semenyih (士毛多) and the scenery look pretty nice. Suggested to HK for half day trip to Broga Hill. The response was not really good, only me, HK and Sam wanted to go for the hiking. Sam managed to pull some of his friend from Seremban to join for the hiking.

There are 2 option either went there as early as possible to catch the sun rise or not. Since it's just for leisure, we decided to depart at 7am from Sam's house. SK joined us last minute. This is the first time I was late to reach HK's house.

When we reached Sam's house. I gave him a call but he was still in his dreamland. Once we're inside Sam's car, clearly I can sense that his mood was pretty bad as I woke him up intentionally... The atmosphere of the car was pretty tense :(

Everything was back to normal after we have breakfast. Sam's friend - Xing Fu brought us for breakfast which is famous for the spicy soup. There were alot of variety, firstly we choose type of noodles, dry/soup - mee, mihun, kuey teow, lou shu fan, wan tan mee, secondly we choose the soup - curry soup(咖哩汤), spicy soup(辣汤), plain soup(清汤), thirdly - want internal organ or not.

Since it was famous for spicy soup I have ordered dry lou shu fan with spicy soup without internal organ. The lou shu fan was so so but the spicy soup was full of pepper where you'll get edicted once you started to drink. I was almost chocked with the first sipped.

After the breakfast it was almost 9am. Wah, so late. The sun was 'working' this Sunday. I started to regret for join the hike at this hour. Xing Fu did not joined us since today was her family day. Sam's friend - Eddie fetched us to Broga Hill with his new Peugeot 308.

On our way to Broga Hill, we passed by University of Nottingham. They planned to visit the University after the hiking. Everyone was on their way back meanwhile we're just setting our mark to start hiking :(

The only thing Sam's did good for once was brought along his 'Banana Boat Sunblock'. Though it looked like expired because of the watery texture of the sunblock...

We left HK behind because he was already exhausted half way to first peak. He was not having enough sleep. When we reached the first peak, we waited for him.
Quick, HK (guy in yellow)! You're almost here... The first peak :P

SK, don't be so happy. Here's just the first peak, ok!

I was alway looking for shade to avoid sun exposure. Some shoot taken behind the rock.

In the end only, Eddie went till the peak while all of us shading behind a big rock. While waiting for Eddie to get down, Sam took the time to make up - apply sunblock.

Getting down was not as easy as it looks. The slope was pretty steep and sandy. Every step need to be very careful else it's like wearing roller blade going down the slope.

Safely reached the oil palm estate at 11:30 am. We stopped at one of the restaurant (柚木园烧鱼) which is famous for the grill fish especially Tilapia (非洲鱼). The owner recommended us salted baked grill, chili padi grill, crispy chicken chop and bean sprout with salted fish.

The salted baked grill was nicer compare to chili padi grill. I do not taste the salted fish although it's bean sprout with salted fish. The chrispy chicken chop was really chrispy but a bit oily. Ended up in total RM100 for 5 pax.

We try to enter University of Nottingham but the guard did not allowed us in and just let you make a U-turn back. Eddie purposely slow down his car just to have a look at the University. The guard was pretty curious and annoyed by us.

After the lunch, we do not have anything to do but just loaf around Semenyih and Kajang shopping mall.

Next time should depart early to avoid sun burned at Broga Hill.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Be Good 'Daughter'

Today I’m being a so call good daughter. Being kind enough to be a driver and doing grocery with my mom. Although I have been around home for around 3 years but I hardly remember that I ever accompany my mom to do grocery on weekend.

Usually my life is kind of boring and I have rather choose to stay at home to sleep, watch movie or drama instead of accompany my mom and aunt for grocery. Today I even volunteer to fetch them to Tesco to do their grocery. That was pretty tiring. How they select the fruits and veggies… Comparing price… This is cheaper in Tesco, that’s cheaper in Giant…

The time just passed without my notice. 3 hours was just too short for them. After going to Tesco, my aunt wants to go to Jusco to buy rice because it’s cheaper there. I’m pretty patient today and not showing my annoying look which I usually show when I have to wait for long queue and being driver fetching here and there.

Though this is a boring and tiring task but just felt it’s good after all to be a good daughter once a while. At least this will make my mom happy that her daughter is not sleeping on weekend today...

Friday, September 25, 2009







他下班的时候打电话给她:“亲爱的。别人给我一张奥运会的票。巴西队啊!一会儿我去 看球了啊。”
她:“没事……” 没等她说完。












他:“你对身边的每个人都很友善。很无私。对人对生活总是很感恩。一个人有一颗善良的心。会让周围的人感觉到温暖。你是我见过最善良的女孩儿。伤害你的人都应该下地 狱!”


如果你还没遇到后者,没关系。因为我想在这世上,后者属于‘恐龙’-绝种了。我想我的父亲是前者,那种不懂浪漫的男人。可是他也有很多优点 :) 所以女人,别担心,以上的短篇只属参考。

Saturday, September 12, 2009

~ Luxury Dinner ~

Another luxury dinner being arranged by my uncle to welcome my cousin coming back from Dubai. Unfortunately he was tied up with his work and did not manage to come back on-time for the dinner. Luckily we still can celebrate my aunt's 66th birthday which fall on the same day :)

The dinner was among the most delicious we have had compared to the previous one. Besides that, we have expensive brandy to accompany throughout the dinner - Martell Creation. Here is the full list of 10 dishes we were going to savour tonight.

The first dish was 'Lobster Platter with Five Dishes' - Fried Chicken, Fried Fish Fin, Cheesy Slice Abalone, Lobster Salad and Sweet and Sour Sausage. I alway love this dish because each small dish has it's own different taste and unique flavor.

'Sharkfin Soup with Scallop and Crab Meat' - The soup itself was really delicious and sweet after long hour of cooking with the incredients.

'Crispy Little Piggy' - I just ate the skin with the 'man tou' and special dark source. The piggy was roasted so nice that the skin was very crispy. I felt so pity for this little cute piggy that we have to ate it...

Besides that we have 'Steam Codfish' as well which I had forgotten to take the pic.

'Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Swim Bladder, Mushroom & Brocolli' - Usually I don't really like sea cucumber because if it's not well cooked, the taste just made me throw up. The mushroom, sea cucumber, abalone was well cooked. Their texture was not too hard or too soft. With the source, it was perfectly nice and delicious.

'Nuts, Fresh Scallop & Lotus' - After all the haevy 'animal fat', it's time for some light and healthy vege. I like the lotus with the macademia nuts.

'Longevity Noodles' - Although it's a bit salty and oily but overall it was pretty delicious.

'Chao Sao Pau & Kaya Fried Pancake' - All of us was so full that we just pack the dessert back.

'Hasma steams with Jujubes and Coconut' - Once open the top of the coconut, you can smell the nice and sweet coconut aroma came out. It was served hot which I prefer it to be chill...

'Food Platter' - It was well cut into different shape especially the dragon fruit.

'Coffee, Lotus and Pandan Mooncake' - We are alway served with free mooncake from the restaurant. :)

Last but not least, birthday cake for my aunt who's celebrating her 66th birthday this year. She insisted us to pronounce 66 as 'luck luck' (in Hokkien). May her happy and healthy always.

Restorant Taman Rahsna (Klang) :-
Tel : +603 3344 8260/3341 1955
Fax : +603 3344 8142
Address : No. 85, Jalan Batu Tiga, off Jalan Sireh, 41300 Klang, Selangor D.E.

Friday, August 14, 2009

** 814 **

"814" - What does that mean???

Numbers has been widely use to represent some words in chinese. It's widely use in SMS, MSN... For an example :-

918 ~ ‘加油吧’ (Ganbate!)
88 ~ ‘拜拜’ (Goodbye)
246 ~ ‘饿死了’(Starving)
168 ~ ‘一路发’(Keep on getting wealthy)

Then what does 814 mean? In chinese it can be interprete into 2 different Chinese words, '发一世' and '发一死'. Both of the interpretation give total different meaning. The prior mean get wealthy your whole life, the later mean once you get wealthy you'll be dying...

Never thought of the meaning hiding behing those numbers until one day while I was talking with my friends and she asked when is my birthday. She just kept on repeating my birthday then suddenly she just connect 14-Aug to the above 2 Chinese words. Now, when they asked for my birthday, I'll just use the first Chinese words since it give a better meaning :)

While I was counting down for my birthday on MSN, the first call came in. The one and only one who will always gave me a call sharp at this time. Then my MSN started to blink none stop. In total was like 6 peoples greeting me at the same time and most of them are from my ex-colleagues.

After that I was hoping for some sweet dream. Unfortunately I was waken up by a call early morning. Once I saw it was a '03' number, those bad feeling just arose. Outage.... :'( Yes, there was some problem at the Southern region. Sigh...

It was a bad starting of my day with outage. This week has been a very dark week. Everyday there're something bad happening. Later received wishes via MSN, SMS, Facebook... which balance up my day. The issue resolved before lunch. Happily looking forward for the lunch then found that I have left my purse at home.

Around 5:30pm, planner was celebrating birthday for their team member. They shared the cake with all of us as well. He's the second person whom I knew which has the same birthday as I do. First was another guy from Philippine.

Later I have to drove home to take my purse and before that I managed to book the ticket for my next year Bali trip via AirAsia at RM123 per pax. Yeah!!! 6 of us will be going and they're all my ex-colleagues.

Dinner at Sunway Pyramid as usual. I was given a treat by 3 beautiful gals at Pasta Zanmai. The food was pretty nice. I like the sesame source.

Came back home at around 11 pm. After taken my bath, on my laptop as usual. Replied all the wishes posted on my facebook wall. Counting down again which gave an end to ~ 814 ~

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pre-Training ~ Gua Batu Maloi

Finally make up my mind to join my friend's super challenging and exotic tour to Mulu. It'll be a total 10 days 9 nights at Gunung Mulu National Park which include Gunung Mulu Summit Trail(2,377meters), Deer Cave, Lang's Cave, Bat Exodus, Sarawak Chamber Cave , Clear Water Cave, Wind Cave, The Pinnacles.

Initially do not plan to join the tour due to this year, every 3 months I took a long holiday. It has been pretty hard to take long holiday as whenever I went for vacation, something bad will happened... This time I just can't bring my laptop along :(

Furthermore, I made a big mistake when I made the flight reservation. I booked the ticket on 28-August instead of 29-August. Deep inside my heart, I was thinking it might be my destiny that I shouldn't join for the trip... So I told BY that I'm joining but later told her that I can't make it after the wrong flight reservation. After struggling hard, I decided to take the challenge.

But after reading through the itinerary in details, I became timid and doubt whether I'm physically fit for this activity. I do not want to give up the trail half way. It has been 5 years since my last hiking. Besides that, I'm not doing any exercise regularly. My life was like working, sleeping, eating, dramaing, movieing... It's just a very unhealthy life style which is consider a sickness to most of the working group...

This Tuesday received email from BY regarding Gua Batu Maloi caving. They have been training quite often for this trip meanwhile I never do any preparation. So today went to Gua Batu Maloi which located at Tampin. There were 2 groups including us joining for the caving - in total 16 of us. It took around 2-3 hours to complete the whole course.

It's different from most of the other cave in Malaysia which formed from stalactite and stalagmite. This cave is formed beneath large rock with a total of 1 kilometer in length. It was not popular like Gua Tempurung.

The hardest part was you need to submerge into the water in order to cross the narrow and winding passage while the current was so strong and trying to drive you away from the passage. Sometime your leg will caught in between the rock and stucked there without knowing how to move forward. I even gave a big knock on my head against the rock. At that moment, I was black out for a moment and gain back consciousness a while later.

Cut, scratches, brushes were found on my hand and leg. I was thinking, why am I paying to suffer? The answer remain unknown. Besides that, BY's friend was so worry and trying to arrange another challenging hiking for me next week to make sure I've some experience before joining the Mulu trip end of this month. Sigh... Felt a bit regret now...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

~~ Beautifully Imperfect ~~

This meaningful advertisement was directed by Yasmin Ahmad who is one of the well known director, writer and scriptwriter in Malaysia as well as internationally for her creativity, humor, warm heart, touching story across multi-racial. Unfortunately we lost her recently on 25-July.

It seems that we alway remember the imperfect part in our life more than anything else. That's why it's so call ~ beautifully imperfect ~

Monday, July 20, 2009

The World Is Spinning :S

Yesterday night was my cousin's wedding. I can't make it on-time to the wedding at 7pm so my parents and sisters left me behind. After rushing from Segambut back to Klang, I just took a quick bath and drove to the wedding dinner.

Luckily it was just a stone throw away from my house. Once reached there, I gave a call to my sister for the exact location. Once enter the ballroom, I was just in time. The wedding just started. I was being allocated at the first row. The wedding was really grand and my uncle had invited alot of peoples for the wedding.

My aunt and uncle were questioning me why I was late. I just gave them a polite smile. I was still full with the heavy lunch I have had at Tenji. The food only started to serve at 9pm.

My uncle was so warm to get me wain. Usually after 1-2 glasses of wain, I'm still ok but yesterday after the 1st glass of wain, I was ok but after 1 hour, I started to feel that my head was a bit heavy and heartbeat started to pump so fast. I can really felt the heat and a bit of dizziness.

The dishes were served pretty slow. I was eagerly wanted to go back due to the effect of wain. Once the dessert being served, I quickly finished it and drank the 2nd glasses of wain and drove back on my own.

I can really felt that I almost started to loose my way. Once reached home, I drank alot of water but when I was climbing up the stair, I can felt my face and eyes were burning and can't even walked properly. I managed to on my laptop and chat a few words. Without my notice, I just fall aslept while chating via MSN...

There is once my friend told me that when you drink liquor in room temperature, you can feel when you get drunk but not when you drink it cold. You can drink alot when it's cold and you'll get drunk once the liquor started to evaporate inside your body. So it's not advisable to drink liquor in cold.

I found one thing good about being drank was you can sleep very soundly but you will find yourself so dehydrated the next morning...

Sunday, July 5, 2009










Thursday, June 25, 2009

Covered by Black Cloud...

Recently I were covered by all the bad luck. Not sure why all those bad things kept on happening to me...

Since last month 13 June, I started to be covered by 'black cloud'. Server crash, outage again. It took me around 1 weeks to solve the problem and another 3 days 2 nights to fully restored the server and service.

After that, I was hoping for a peaceful life but it doesn't end like that. 2nd July midnight, suddenly received called that the system was having problem again... I pop up from my bed to check the servers. Everything was alright. Then later found that both the DB encountered some problem. No vendor support. 12 midnight some more... What to do? So I just did something and then everything seems ok initially.

Who knows after half an hour, found that both of the DB was down and cannot be re-booted. Do some troubleshooting but still cannot solved the problem. Can't help so just escalate to my manager then called vendor up for help. Vendor can't do anything also.

Another 2 days 1 nights to bring up the service and 3 days 2 nights to resolve the problem. The biggest problem and major outage I have ever encountered. No DB backup, total lost of both DB... Initially thought after 2 days the problem will resolve and I'm safe to fly but on 5th July another issue popped up on the same day. I was monitoring the system until I missed my flight. The first time ever happened to me. Have argument with my sister on this as well. :(

I bought another ticket on Sunday just to continue my vacation. It was not really a pleasant vacation. My luggage was being spoilt for the first time.

Last Wednesday, I scratched the bottom of my car badly :(

This Monday another horrible things happened. My tyre was gone flat due to I knocked on the divider while doing the cornering... Maybe it was not bad luck just careless...

When one bad thing happened, I just can't avoid linking all of them up and make myself think it's due to bad luck... I think I need to do more good deed to resolve all this bad luck. Hopefully it'll help.

Thursday, June 18, 2009










Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Grandma in Heaven

Today is Mother's Day. Initially plan to take my mum for 'Dim Sum' but end up my mum preparing dinner for us.

After the dinner, we planned to visit my grandma who's very sick. It took us around 50 minutes to cross the bridge which is under construction now. When we reached there, I can heard the chanting of Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo came from the 1st floor where my grandma stayed...

I just had a bad feeling. When I saw my cousin who came to open the door for us was crying in red eyes, I knew at once that my grandma no longer around...

She just passed away at 9pm meanwhile we reached there around 15 minutes later... Missed the last moment to be with her. She was sleeping peacefully on the bed, holding tightly on her prayer beads.

Actually I just can vividly remember that when I was small, I was once taken care by her because my mum didn't manage to get a babysister to take care of me.

The only memory I'm still having was her chanting of Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo and recitation of praying I heard just now and the sound of the bell. After she prayed, she'll extinguished the candle and close the little Butsudan (house of Buddha) which is still inside the house now.

Now only found that how little time I had spent with her after I'm grown up... Just once or twice yearly. I was glad that she left peacefully...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009







女人的心情就像天气一样-阴晴不定。有时连女人自己都不知道自己为什么会那样。就像我现在。。。如果医学上有药治这种病,我想销售量应该很好 :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


开始启用 ‘Ocean’ 应该是大学开始吧。那时我第一次登录MSN。左想想,有想想,用什么代名呢???

结果就启用了‘Ocean’ - 海洋。 在大学时,记不起有没有人问过我为什么用 ‘Ocean’。 可能有,可是印象不深刻。 当我开始出来社会工作后,尤其是我的旧公司,同事开始问我为什么用‘Ocean’。 我都是以微笑带过。

当他们开始把 ‘Ocean’ 取代我的名时,还有点不习惯呢,常常抗议。可是后来,我也习以为常。 反而现在,好像没有人再记得我的名或用我的名呼唤我了。。。

回想当时选 ‘Ocean’ 时,应该是我正迷惑着,就像迷失在海洋真中央,不知去向。 那时我即将毕业,人生的新旅途也即将诞生。

一直以来都是以既来之,则安之的态度对待我的人生。 社会这名词是多么的陌生。 我不知道我应该以怎样的心态来面对。 我能适应吗? 我能面对社会的险恶丑态? 我想我是很彷徨的。。。

可是出来社会工作,也没遇上什么大风大雨,也只能说一路来都是平平凡凡的过了。 有时还开始怀疑这是我想要的吗? 我又跌入了无底的海洋里,试图挣扎找出路。


Friday, March 27, 2009

Why so many locks?

It was so frustrated this morning. I was heading to my office. Looking outside the door, my sister's car was blocking my car.

Once get in my sister car, I need to unlock her car's door, steering lock and gear lock. After park her car, I have to lock back the gear lock, steering lock and car's door.

My car even worst, my dad provided 2 steering lock but usually I just use one of it. Even my inner doors, I think we have at least a few locks. Why Malaysian need so many locks?

Even with all these locks, one day you might found that your car is missing somewhere or house being burgled. :(

I went to Bangkok a few weeks back. I was so surprised to see that their car was parked without pulling the handbrake due to limited parking space. They'll reallocated the car if the car is blocking their way. I don't think it'll ever happened in Malaysia because if you do that, probably your car will not be seen when you come back.

So don't feel strange when you visit Malaysia and found all kind of locks in the car and house as well.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Are you obese ???

Today found a box near the stair case. Wondering what's inside the box I just opened it. Surprisingly I found the body fat analyzer given by a Japanese Coordinator 3 years back.

Check out the battery, there were still 4 AAA batteries inside without any leakage. I just pressed the "電源" button to switch on this little machine. Wow, it was still functioning, huray! A bit unbelievable.

Still wondering how to operate this small machine. Just click here and there. It was pretty easy, the body fat analyzer will analyze the body fat according to your height, weight, age and gender. Then it will categorize your body fat into 4 level - slim, standard, slight obese and obese.

After inserting all my information, i tested it out by putting my hand on the side way of the small machine. Guess what??? My body fat level was --> 21%. STANDARD !!! Hehe...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

20090308 - Damnoen Saduak, Nakorn Pathom

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market situated 110 kms west of Bangkok. It's very famous among tourists to see the old style and traditional way of selling and buying fruits, vegetables, etc. from small boats. The best time to reach there is around 8-9am because it is not too hot at that time. Usually the floating market will closed at around 11am.

My cousin wanted to go to the place alot but due to the location where we stay it's hard to go out so early to take bus to the Floating Market. The day before that, I have asked my Thai friend to help out. He called up the previous taxi driver again - Mr. Dhan who left his contact to us last Friday. He promised to pick us up at 7am and 1700 baht for round trip.

He was lost again on his way to my friend's house. He was late for an hour :( When he saw us coming out from the house, he was so surprised because he never aspected that his customer were us. Hehe... He even show us the picture he took for us in Ayutthaya.

Along the way, I fall asleep again. Waking up too early. The day before, there was an outage :( Everytime I went for vacation, must have some outage... I think I can't go for vacation next time:( The taxi driver seems to be very happy. Today he talked alot compare to last trip. He even brought out the Thai-English-Thai dictionary. This time it's easier for us to chat. We show him the word we want to express and he teaches us some Thai words.

Along the way to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market we can saw alot of salt fields. It took around 2 hours to arrive at the floating market. It was already very hot at that time. This time the driver became our tourist guide. We gave the driver a treat on the boat ride. We were being cheated. 500 baht for 3 person and it only took around 30 minutes for the boat ride :(

After the boat ride, we have lunch at the stall near by as we're starving already since we do not have breakfast. "Padthai" again for my lunch. The one I took yesterday at Chatukchat Market was much more delicious. After the lunch, it's time to sleep again. It took another 2 hours to Nakorn Pathom. (he missed his way again)

The driver brought us to another palace which is not in our itinerary - Sanam Chandra Palace (พระราชวังสนามจันทร์). It's just a stone throw from (พระปฐมเจดีย์) the Phra Pathom Chedi.

Phra Pathom Chedi is the highest Chedi in Thailand with a height of 127m and the largest pagoda in Southeast Asia. It was under renovation when we were there.

The driver asked us to pay 2 Baht and gave us a bowl full of coins (1/5 satang). Then we just go around the table and put all the coins in each of the gold and silver color bowl. Although we do not know what's that for, we just followed.

When we was on our way back to Bangkok, there was accident and cause the bad traffic jam. It took around 1 hr back to Bangkok. Our last destination was Grand Palace in Bangkok. When we reached there already 3:40pm. It was a bit too late where the counter closed at 3:30pm. They have different admission time for local and tourist. We even beg the guard to let us in but they refused and asked us to come tomorrow but today will be our last day in Bangkok...

They have different entrance for Thai and tourist thus we got lost again with our taxi driver. I have to call up my friend again to inform the taxi driver that we'll wait at the car park. It was our regret that we can't visit the Grand Palace:(

When the taxi driver came out, he shows us the pictures he took with his cell phone. The palace was really grand and fabulous. When we reached my friend's house, we found that she was not around. Thinking of going to airport after bath but since my friend is not around we just go directly since the taxi driver can fetch us there. Although it's 3 hours earlier from our flight to Chiang Mai...

Without saying goodbye to my friend I just left with regret. Really appreciate her help and kindness borrowing me her cell phone during my stay in Bangkok.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

20090306 - Ayutthaya

With the help of my friend's employee (thai), she translated our itinerary into thai for us. According to her, most of the taxi driver do not know English so it's better to have it written in Thai. She adviced us to take taxi to Ayutthaya because it's more convenience and easy. It cost around 1500 baht. Later we decided to go by bus.

Her driver drove us to the nearest BTS skytrain station - Thong Lo station. We took the BTS until the last station - Mo Chit station. From there we're suppose to take the bus to Ayutthaya. We asked around, but ended up taking taxi. We bargain until 1200 Baht for round trip to Bang Pa-In Summer Palace (พระราชวังบางปะอิน) and Ayutthaya (อาณาจักรอยุธยา) - Wat Mahathat (วัดมหาธาตุ), Wat Na Phra Mane() and Wat Lokayasutharam(วัดโลกยสุธาราม).

Once inside the taxi, both of us were so tired and we just fall aslept. Since the taxi driver don't know much english, it's better for us to save our energy sleeping. We was awaken when he stopped to pump gas. Then he started to introduce some of the attraction on the way. We can only answer as if we understand what he was saying.

It was so hot in Bangkok. We almost melted when we got down from the taxi and walked to Bang-Pa Inn Summer Palace. I was not allowed to get in with sleeveless shirt. I just rent a yellow shirt from there which was smelly due to sweat and hot weather :(

We took around 2 hours to walk around the palace as it's really huge and nice. It was built during the Ayutthaya era, beautifully decorated in both traditional Thai, Chinese and European style building.

Ho Haem Montien Devaraj or "The Shrine of King Prasart Thong" is the place where the statue of King Prasart Thong was placed. It was built at the command of H.M. King Chulalongkom, Rama V under the Bodhi Tree by the pond. Today, people stop at Ho Haem Montien Devaraj to pay homage to the statue of King Prasart Thong.

Aisawan-Dhipaya-Asana Pavilion is a miniature pavilion hall built in the style of four-balcony after the architecture of Aphonbimoka Prasart Pavilion in the Grand Palace initiated by H.M. King Chulalongkorn, Rama V in 1872.

Phra Thinang Varobhas Bimarn (Varobhas Bimarn Residential Hall) is a Neo-Classic style one storey mantion built by H.M. King Chulalongkorn, Rama V, in 1872 on the spot where H.M. King Mongkut, Rama IV used to keep his residence.

Sabakarn Rajaprayoon Residential Hall is a Colonial style by H.M. King Chulalongkorn, Rama V as a gift for his brother, his son, His Royal Highness Prince Maha Vajirunhit, and other members of the outer court stayed.

Phra Thinang Uthayan Phumisathian is a two-storey Swiss Chalet built on 1877. The residence was panted in two toned of green. The decor shows a significant influence by European style dating from King Naperleon III.

Bubpa Prapas Pavilion is a single storey wooden building in European architecture which renders in its nickname "lace (ginger bread) building" by H.M. Chulalongkorn, Rama V at 1881.

Phra Thinang Wehart Chamrun (Wehart Chamrun Residential Hall) is another two storey building in Chinese architecture completed in 1889. The residence bears the Chinese characters of "Tien Meng Teui" meaning the clear sky residence in the vernacular.

Ho Withun Thasana (Withun Thasana) is a mixed European style building painted in yellow and red was built in 1881. The dodecahedral three storey tower is 30 meters in height with a crescent roof. A total of 112 steps on the spiral staircase is required to reach the top.

When we finished tour around Bang Pa-Inn Summer Palace, I can felt the heat almost burned me down. We're so relieved to find the driver still waiting outside. When we sit on the seat, we almost jumped up because the leather seat was so hot. The driver was laughing at us. He introduced us the paddy field, the train station on our way to Ayutthaya... (all in thai)

Ayutthaya is the capital of Thailand for 417 years and has been registered as one of the world heritage by UNESCO.

The driver stopped us at a wat which is pretty similar to Angkor Wat - Wat Chaiwatthanaram (วัดไชยวัฒนาราม). It is one of the most imposing ancient Buddhist monasteries, established by the command of King Prasatthong in 1630 A.D. to make merit for his mother. In 1767 A.D., Ayutthaya the capital of Thailand, was besieged by Burmese invaders and the Wat became an army camp. After the fall of Ayutthaya, Wat Chaiwatthanaram was abandoned. Looting, the decapitation of Buddha images, and the selling brick from the Wat became command practices.

The driver bring us around Ayutthaya town (he was lost) and found alot of people riding elephant. The driver kept on saying "Chiang" and sing a song which consists alot of "Chiang" words. Later only found out that "Chiang" refer to elephant. Haha......

He stopped again at Wat Mahathat which make us a bit confius. Initially thought the first wat we visited was Wat Mahathat... It's almost similar to Wat Chaiwatthanaram. We just moved around in super speed this time.

The most special is the Loard Buddha's head found among the Bodhi's tree root with no trace of the body.

Here come our nice and sincere taxi driver. This time he moved around with us instead of waiting in the car. He told us that those Buddha's sculpture without head was due to Thai-Burmese war. It was almost completely destroyed compare to Wat Chaiwatthanaram.

We went to Wat-Naphrameru which is a temple constructed during the reign of King Ramadhibodi II the tenth king of Ayutthaya dynasty. When we reached there it was a bit too late and the main temple was already closed. We just managed to go around but we managed to saw the three thousand year old black stone carved Buddha.

Our last visit was Wat-Lokayasutharam which feature a huge clining Buddha image - Phra Bhuddhasaiyart, which faces to the east. It is 37 meters long and 8 meters high. The head is placed on a lotus, and the legs overlap squarely to show the equalized toes.

We fall asleep again on our journey back to Bangkok. At last we decided to pay him 1500 baht.

Later at night my friend brought us to one of the pub there. She teaches us how to drink the famous Thai rum - 'Sangsom' or known as Thai whisky. She mixed the 'Sangsom' rum with soda and 'Shark'. When she told us to mix with 'Shark', both of us was wondering how to mix 'Shark' into the liquor??? Looking puzzle... Later found out 'Shark' is just a kind of red bull energy drink. According to her this is how most of the Thai drink 'Sangsom'. I'm not really good with liquor, just one glass, my face turned out red and looks like drunken already.

She ordered 2 side dishes - fried cashew nut, garlic, dry prawn, nuts, lemon grass and friend chicken wings. It was really nice snack to go with the 'Sangsom' rum.

I slept soundly that night because too exhausted and the effect of drinking liquor as well.

Bang Pa-In Summer Palace
Admission Fee : 100 Baht (tourist)
Operation Hours : 08:00 am ~ 05:00 pm
Photos :
Reference : Taken from Bang Pa-In Palace, Ayutthaya book