Friday, August 20, 2010

~ Birthday Celebration ~

Every 2 years I'll get a new handphone with the 1k voucher. Initially wanted to get SE Vivaz Pro but with some bad experience I have had with SE, didn't dare to get SE anymore...

I have a early celebration at Amcorp Mall Haeun Khon Resturant with LC. Accompany with me was some outages. Eating while monitoring the services. Sigh... It was really a terrible dark Friday - 13 Aug.

Later LC introduced me Food Foundry located at Section 17 which is famous for it's French dessert - Mille Crepe. LC bought a 'Strawberry Mille Crepe' (RM 9) for me meanwhile I insist to get another 'Chesse Cake' (RM 9) for myself.

Tonight we're going to depart to Sg. Lembing. I had wanted to visit Sg. Lembing for years but never realized. When LC invited me to join the trip organized by YM, I didn't think twice to join. So nice to celebrate my birthday there :) It was a very tiring trip but really enjoy myself there with YM's colleague and her friends.

Although I'm not 18 years old anymore but still felt very happy to receive birthday present especially from friends who still remember your birthday every year. She even sent the 'Echika Ikebukuro' handphone decor which can't be bought.

Really enjoy my birthday celebration. Stepping into another new century... Can't help thinking that age don't tell lie...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Min's Wedding

Just came back from Team Building at Temerloh "Gunung Senyum (Smiley Mountain) Recreational Forest on Thursday. Saturday morning went to Jerantut Pahang again which is around 45 minutes from Termerloh to attend Min's Wedding.

This is the first time I was being invited to attend Malay's wedding. I was so excited how it would be like. Too bad that I missed out the akad nikah (marriage contract) ceremony because I was late. That was the most important ceremony where the bridal couple will sign the contract before a religious official and is accompanied by prayer. Without that the wedding will never be completed.

You'll found alot of bunga telur (egg flower) being prepared and distributed to the guest at Malay wedding as wedding's ceremony token. It's actually boiled egg decorated with fabric flower as a sign of fertility.

I managed to follow for the bersanding (enthronement) ceremony. The groom's procession with friends, relatives, musicians and people to meet the bride.

The main part of the ceremony was bridal couple being seated on a well decoreated dais and bless by family members, relatives, friends and guests. Somehow it's quite similar to the tea ceremony for Chinese but just in another way round where the bridal couple will serve the tea to all the elderly.

After the wedding ceremony, Min's cousin proposed to take picture near the Taman Negara Jetty. It was just around 20 mins drive from Min's house. We took another 30 mins boat ride and stop at a mini island where Min's started to take her wedding photo there.

At night, all her family members gather at the living room. They started to ask me alot of question. What's the different between Chinese wedding and Malay wedding. What's the most important part for Chinese wedding and will not be completed without that... I was puzzled with all the question and couldn't answer all of them.

The next day is another ceremony taking place at the bridgroom side located at Temerloh which is another 45 minutes drive away. Basically it's just the same ceremony as the bride on Saturday. After the lunch, it's time for me and Mas to leave Temerloh back to KL. Althought it was very tiring, but really enjoy a different wedding ceremony.

Monday, July 19, 2010

~ “对不起”~


同事的突然离职加上新来的同事的不协调,让我有点应付不来。 老板的不信任更是让我吃不消。





Thursday, February 4, 2010




上个月因为百般无聊,王同就邀了我加入他们的小说部落格 - 城市●碎片。一向对写作没什么心得或兴趣的我,就因为三分钟热度,爽快地答应了,还当下决定了题目呢。



Thursday, January 28, 2010


女人嘛。。。 是非常复杂的稀有‘动物’吧。其实很多人都不会把心里真正的想法说出来。往往心里想的是一套,嘴里说出来的又是另一套。总活在矛盾之中。







Monday, January 25, 2010







Tuesday, January 19, 2010








Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Home, New Life

This is the second time I have been to i-City. First time was during Christmas Eve and today is for count down. There was fireworks display. Although the fireworks were not those special and nice one like Cyber Jaya Fireworks Competition but it was so close to you where you can felt that the sparkle going to drop upon you.

Supposely today should standby at home and not sneak out for count down.

3... 2... 1... Happy New Year!!! Firework started to explore into the silence sky. Today is full moon :)

Early morning, I woke up to assist my mom to move the foods from fridge to new house before the lorry came. My dad has given us notice that he's going to move the house today. He has been in the new house alone all this while. He must be too tired of having a new house without us :P

We managed to finish moving those big furniture by 12:30pm. The most troublesome part for me will be 'selection' which items to throw away. I have been keeping alot of 'antique'. I think it's time for me to say goodbye to my 'precious'. It's time for me to forget about the lost memory.

2010 is a new year, having new home and starting a new different life. Although I still think old is better than new. My dad just reminded me to forget about the old house because he planned to sold it off. I think I should move forward for a new living style at my new home.

Happy New Year !!! May everyone treasure this year with utmost meaningful :)