Friday, March 27, 2009

Why so many locks?

It was so frustrated this morning. I was heading to my office. Looking outside the door, my sister's car was blocking my car.

Once get in my sister car, I need to unlock her car's door, steering lock and gear lock. After park her car, I have to lock back the gear lock, steering lock and car's door.

My car even worst, my dad provided 2 steering lock but usually I just use one of it. Even my inner doors, I think we have at least a few locks. Why Malaysian need so many locks?

Even with all these locks, one day you might found that your car is missing somewhere or house being burgled. :(

I went to Bangkok a few weeks back. I was so surprised to see that their car was parked without pulling the handbrake due to limited parking space. They'll reallocated the car if the car is blocking their way. I don't think it'll ever happened in Malaysia because if you do that, probably your car will not be seen when you come back.

So don't feel strange when you visit Malaysia and found all kind of locks in the car and house as well.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Are you obese ???

Today found a box near the stair case. Wondering what's inside the box I just opened it. Surprisingly I found the body fat analyzer given by a Japanese Coordinator 3 years back.

Check out the battery, there were still 4 AAA batteries inside without any leakage. I just pressed the "電源" button to switch on this little machine. Wow, it was still functioning, huray! A bit unbelievable.

Still wondering how to operate this small machine. Just click here and there. It was pretty easy, the body fat analyzer will analyze the body fat according to your height, weight, age and gender. Then it will categorize your body fat into 4 level - slim, standard, slight obese and obese.

After inserting all my information, i tested it out by putting my hand on the side way of the small machine. Guess what??? My body fat level was --> 21%. STANDARD !!! Hehe...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

20090308 - Damnoen Saduak, Nakorn Pathom

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market situated 110 kms west of Bangkok. It's very famous among tourists to see the old style and traditional way of selling and buying fruits, vegetables, etc. from small boats. The best time to reach there is around 8-9am because it is not too hot at that time. Usually the floating market will closed at around 11am.

My cousin wanted to go to the place alot but due to the location where we stay it's hard to go out so early to take bus to the Floating Market. The day before that, I have asked my Thai friend to help out. He called up the previous taxi driver again - Mr. Dhan who left his contact to us last Friday. He promised to pick us up at 7am and 1700 baht for round trip.

He was lost again on his way to my friend's house. He was late for an hour :( When he saw us coming out from the house, he was so surprised because he never aspected that his customer were us. Hehe... He even show us the picture he took for us in Ayutthaya.

Along the way, I fall asleep again. Waking up too early. The day before, there was an outage :( Everytime I went for vacation, must have some outage... I think I can't go for vacation next time:( The taxi driver seems to be very happy. Today he talked alot compare to last trip. He even brought out the Thai-English-Thai dictionary. This time it's easier for us to chat. We show him the word we want to express and he teaches us some Thai words.

Along the way to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market we can saw alot of salt fields. It took around 2 hours to arrive at the floating market. It was already very hot at that time. This time the driver became our tourist guide. We gave the driver a treat on the boat ride. We were being cheated. 500 baht for 3 person and it only took around 30 minutes for the boat ride :(

After the boat ride, we have lunch at the stall near by as we're starving already since we do not have breakfast. "Padthai" again for my lunch. The one I took yesterday at Chatukchat Market was much more delicious. After the lunch, it's time to sleep again. It took another 2 hours to Nakorn Pathom. (he missed his way again)

The driver brought us to another palace which is not in our itinerary - Sanam Chandra Palace (พระราชวังสนามจันทร์). It's just a stone throw from (พระปฐมเจดีย์) the Phra Pathom Chedi.

Phra Pathom Chedi is the highest Chedi in Thailand with a height of 127m and the largest pagoda in Southeast Asia. It was under renovation when we were there.

The driver asked us to pay 2 Baht and gave us a bowl full of coins (1/5 satang). Then we just go around the table and put all the coins in each of the gold and silver color bowl. Although we do not know what's that for, we just followed.

When we was on our way back to Bangkok, there was accident and cause the bad traffic jam. It took around 1 hr back to Bangkok. Our last destination was Grand Palace in Bangkok. When we reached there already 3:40pm. It was a bit too late where the counter closed at 3:30pm. They have different admission time for local and tourist. We even beg the guard to let us in but they refused and asked us to come tomorrow but today will be our last day in Bangkok...

They have different entrance for Thai and tourist thus we got lost again with our taxi driver. I have to call up my friend again to inform the taxi driver that we'll wait at the car park. It was our regret that we can't visit the Grand Palace:(

When the taxi driver came out, he shows us the pictures he took with his cell phone. The palace was really grand and fabulous. When we reached my friend's house, we found that she was not around. Thinking of going to airport after bath but since my friend is not around we just go directly since the taxi driver can fetch us there. Although it's 3 hours earlier from our flight to Chiang Mai...

Without saying goodbye to my friend I just left with regret. Really appreciate her help and kindness borrowing me her cell phone during my stay in Bangkok.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

20090306 - Ayutthaya

With the help of my friend's employee (thai), she translated our itinerary into thai for us. According to her, most of the taxi driver do not know English so it's better to have it written in Thai. She adviced us to take taxi to Ayutthaya because it's more convenience and easy. It cost around 1500 baht. Later we decided to go by bus.

Her driver drove us to the nearest BTS skytrain station - Thong Lo station. We took the BTS until the last station - Mo Chit station. From there we're suppose to take the bus to Ayutthaya. We asked around, but ended up taking taxi. We bargain until 1200 Baht for round trip to Bang Pa-In Summer Palace (พระราชวังบางปะอิน) and Ayutthaya (อาณาจักรอยุธยา) - Wat Mahathat (วัดมหาธาตุ), Wat Na Phra Mane() and Wat Lokayasutharam(วัดโลกยสุธาราม).

Once inside the taxi, both of us were so tired and we just fall aslept. Since the taxi driver don't know much english, it's better for us to save our energy sleeping. We was awaken when he stopped to pump gas. Then he started to introduce some of the attraction on the way. We can only answer as if we understand what he was saying.

It was so hot in Bangkok. We almost melted when we got down from the taxi and walked to Bang-Pa Inn Summer Palace. I was not allowed to get in with sleeveless shirt. I just rent a yellow shirt from there which was smelly due to sweat and hot weather :(

We took around 2 hours to walk around the palace as it's really huge and nice. It was built during the Ayutthaya era, beautifully decorated in both traditional Thai, Chinese and European style building.

Ho Haem Montien Devaraj or "The Shrine of King Prasart Thong" is the place where the statue of King Prasart Thong was placed. It was built at the command of H.M. King Chulalongkom, Rama V under the Bodhi Tree by the pond. Today, people stop at Ho Haem Montien Devaraj to pay homage to the statue of King Prasart Thong.

Aisawan-Dhipaya-Asana Pavilion is a miniature pavilion hall built in the style of four-balcony after the architecture of Aphonbimoka Prasart Pavilion in the Grand Palace initiated by H.M. King Chulalongkorn, Rama V in 1872.

Phra Thinang Varobhas Bimarn (Varobhas Bimarn Residential Hall) is a Neo-Classic style one storey mantion built by H.M. King Chulalongkorn, Rama V, in 1872 on the spot where H.M. King Mongkut, Rama IV used to keep his residence.

Sabakarn Rajaprayoon Residential Hall is a Colonial style by H.M. King Chulalongkorn, Rama V as a gift for his brother, his son, His Royal Highness Prince Maha Vajirunhit, and other members of the outer court stayed.

Phra Thinang Uthayan Phumisathian is a two-storey Swiss Chalet built on 1877. The residence was panted in two toned of green. The decor shows a significant influence by European style dating from King Naperleon III.

Bubpa Prapas Pavilion is a single storey wooden building in European architecture which renders in its nickname "lace (ginger bread) building" by H.M. Chulalongkorn, Rama V at 1881.

Phra Thinang Wehart Chamrun (Wehart Chamrun Residential Hall) is another two storey building in Chinese architecture completed in 1889. The residence bears the Chinese characters of "Tien Meng Teui" meaning the clear sky residence in the vernacular.

Ho Withun Thasana (Withun Thasana) is a mixed European style building painted in yellow and red was built in 1881. The dodecahedral three storey tower is 30 meters in height with a crescent roof. A total of 112 steps on the spiral staircase is required to reach the top.

When we finished tour around Bang Pa-Inn Summer Palace, I can felt the heat almost burned me down. We're so relieved to find the driver still waiting outside. When we sit on the seat, we almost jumped up because the leather seat was so hot. The driver was laughing at us. He introduced us the paddy field, the train station on our way to Ayutthaya... (all in thai)

Ayutthaya is the capital of Thailand for 417 years and has been registered as one of the world heritage by UNESCO.

The driver stopped us at a wat which is pretty similar to Angkor Wat - Wat Chaiwatthanaram (วัดไชยวัฒนาราม). It is one of the most imposing ancient Buddhist monasteries, established by the command of King Prasatthong in 1630 A.D. to make merit for his mother. In 1767 A.D., Ayutthaya the capital of Thailand, was besieged by Burmese invaders and the Wat became an army camp. After the fall of Ayutthaya, Wat Chaiwatthanaram was abandoned. Looting, the decapitation of Buddha images, and the selling brick from the Wat became command practices.

The driver bring us around Ayutthaya town (he was lost) and found alot of people riding elephant. The driver kept on saying "Chiang" and sing a song which consists alot of "Chiang" words. Later only found out that "Chiang" refer to elephant. Haha......

He stopped again at Wat Mahathat which make us a bit confius. Initially thought the first wat we visited was Wat Mahathat... It's almost similar to Wat Chaiwatthanaram. We just moved around in super speed this time.

The most special is the Loard Buddha's head found among the Bodhi's tree root with no trace of the body.

Here come our nice and sincere taxi driver. This time he moved around with us instead of waiting in the car. He told us that those Buddha's sculpture without head was due to Thai-Burmese war. It was almost completely destroyed compare to Wat Chaiwatthanaram.

We went to Wat-Naphrameru which is a temple constructed during the reign of King Ramadhibodi II the tenth king of Ayutthaya dynasty. When we reached there it was a bit too late and the main temple was already closed. We just managed to go around but we managed to saw the three thousand year old black stone carved Buddha.

Our last visit was Wat-Lokayasutharam which feature a huge clining Buddha image - Phra Bhuddhasaiyart, which faces to the east. It is 37 meters long and 8 meters high. The head is placed on a lotus, and the legs overlap squarely to show the equalized toes.

We fall asleep again on our journey back to Bangkok. At last we decided to pay him 1500 baht.

Later at night my friend brought us to one of the pub there. She teaches us how to drink the famous Thai rum - 'Sangsom' or known as Thai whisky. She mixed the 'Sangsom' rum with soda and 'Shark'. When she told us to mix with 'Shark', both of us was wondering how to mix 'Shark' into the liquor??? Looking puzzle... Later found out 'Shark' is just a kind of red bull energy drink. According to her this is how most of the Thai drink 'Sangsom'. I'm not really good with liquor, just one glass, my face turned out red and looks like drunken already.

She ordered 2 side dishes - fried cashew nut, garlic, dry prawn, nuts, lemon grass and friend chicken wings. It was really nice snack to go with the 'Sangsom' rum.

I slept soundly that night because too exhausted and the effect of drinking liquor as well.

Bang Pa-In Summer Palace
Admission Fee : 100 Baht (tourist)
Operation Hours : 08:00 am ~ 05:00 pm
Photos :
Reference : Taken from Bang Pa-In Palace, Ayutthaya book

20090305 - Bangkok

Today I was so happy that I'll be taking 6 days holiday at Bangkok and Chiang Mai with my cousin. Praying hard no outage while I'm away for holiday.

It was so rush because I need to reach airport by 8:30pm. After work, I went to KP for currency exchanged, pack my unfinished luggage, took bath, dinner, fetched my cousin. All was done in one and half hour before depart to airport.

Reached LCCT airport on time, found that our flight was being delayed. Sigh... If I have knew it, I will not come so early :(

Once touch down at the Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok International Airport), we're lost and do not know which way to go. I do remember that the hotel receptionist told me to wait at Gate 3. I waited inside and the people told us to ask the helpdesk. The helpdesk told us to wait at Gate 6 but later we found no one there. Walked back to Gate 3. Then I make a phone call to Silver Gold Garden Hotel again and they asked us to wait at Gate 3. After met with the driver, he asked us to wait again... :(

We're so tired as it's almost 1am already (Bangkok time). It's always a communication problem in Thailand as most of the people only speak Thai.

When we reach the hotel, it's almost 2am. So exhausted and tired. The hotel was very new and clean. The bed was so comfortable and nice. The room smell good too. I have reserved this hotel because it's very near to the airport and tomorrow we'll be staying at my friend's house.

Dreaming how I'm going to spend my holiday in Bangkok and Chiang Mai...

The next day we woke up pretty early and checked out from the hotel and head back to the airport to wait for my friend to pick me up. I have called my friend a few times but no one pick up the phone. Ops, how? What are we going to do??? I just have her hp contact and her address in Thai... She promised to pick me up at Gate 7 at 9am... What am I supposed to do?

After half an hour, finally I got hold of her. She told me that her driver is on the way. So we waited outside. Yet after 10 minutes still found no trace of her driver... At last, saw a guy holding a paper with my name on it. Ah, when did that guy arrived? We have waited outside for so long but didn't see him at all... Luckily we're found. Happily and relieve we follow him and the driver drove us to my friend's place.

It was a new four storey office home. First 2 floor is for office use meanwhile the other 2 floor she used it as home. It was located about 20 minutes away from the city. She had moved to this new place recently.

We were so excited and chit chat a while before starting our journey to explore the city of Bangkok!

Silver Golden Garden
Tel : +662 738- 1533/4
Fax : +662 738- 1535
Email :
Website :
p/s: If you want some hotel near Suvarnabhumi Airport (include airport transfer)

部落格 ~ 继续吗?

好久好久没写部落格了。 以前我做什么都是三分钟热度,从来没超过五分钟。

刚开始写部落格时,也是一时兴起而已,没想到会维持那么久。 最近就步入了冷却期。老是提不起精神,脑袋一片空白,怎样也想不出应该写些什么。。。

也许是有一班拥护者吧。 虽然很想就这样停下来,可是这班拥护者,问我为什么不写了? 最近去了曼谷,不写吗? 好久没看到你的新作了。。。

犹豫一下,就徘徊在继续或停止之间。 结果还是不想让这班拥护者失望。 就继续吧! 虽然我写的水准都很差,请多多包涵吧。。。