Friday, October 24, 2008

20081018-19 Melacca Treasure Hunt

It has been so long since my post. Recently I have been pretty busy with my work until no time for myself. Then decided to participate for Melacca Treassure Hunt (2 days 1 night) with my new colleague - 4 person in a group.

All this while I knew that my IQ is pretty low but I think I can trust my teammate as they look smarter and elegant than me. We are supposedly to arrive at the company by 6:45am but we waited until 7am, that 2 guys still missing. I'm wondering how come the world is changing. Gals alway need to wait for guys....

We have MacD as our breakfast provided by organizer. We felt cheated since the organizer promise to give us petrol voucher which we later found that it was just RM20 Petronas Store Voucher :( So unbelievable.

The first clue which lead us to Taipan. I have called up my friends in this early hour to get where does the clue refer to. I think they must think that I must be to annoying for waking them up in this lovely Saturday. Sorry guys for waking you up such early. :P At this early hour, you'll found that alot of DiGizen around Taipan looking for the answer.

Later we head to the first check point - Seremban Laban. Then we get our second clue for the day which drive us to Alor Gajah and Melacca.

Suddenly rain started to pour heavily. It was so hard to drive at this bad weather as we hardly see the car in front. When the rain started to stop, we can saw that along the way to Seremban was full of accident. At least there were 5 cases in total. The worst was one of the car was being crash until left the front seat.

After the second check point at Alor Gajah - we're heading to Melacca - our final destination.

When we reach Melacca, 4 of us need to divide into 2 team - 2 pax per team. One team will be taking the trishaw meanwhile another team will be driving around Melacca town to search for answer.

Due to the hot weather, I insisted to drive my teammate car - a manual car without power stearing. Initially I can't take full control of the car and almost knock into the divider of the road. Sweat....

The treasure hunt ended at around 1:30pm at Mahkota Hotel. We're all so exhausted and tired when we reached there. After taking a fresh bath we just have our nap at the room. Later my teammate call us up for lunch which we had missed. We have a Korean lunch.

At night, we have dinner at the hall. The food was pretty bad. After the dinner, the organizer started to give us the answer of the clue. We're so puzzle and laughing none stop at the answer. There were prize and gift to give away that night. Although we do not get any prize (not even 10th place), one of our team was so lucky to get a 2M MP3 player.

After the dinner, we spend our night at the Jonker Street. I wasn't interested as I don't usually like to go shopping. The 2 guys really spend most of the time shopping and buying things there. They were enjoying themselves alot there. Pity all the gals need to wait for them until they're done with their shopping :( Here are the 2 devils.

It was a great experience and fun to experience this car treasure hunt.