Thursday, November 27, 2008

20081126 - Ccozi & Friends

This evening 8pm I have appointment with 3 leng lui. So no matter how still need to drive to Sunway ('snaking' at home after night job). Heard that my ex-colleagues going to play badminton at 'Panasonic Spot Center'. Maybe I can joined before I went for the dinner.

So long did not work out my body. Besides work is still work :( They were so surprise to find me there. Wah, who's that guy with long hair and hair band. Ah, it's JJ who look just like a gal. Sweat...

After 2 matches, I quickly rush to car park and drove to Sunway Pyramid. It was badly traffic jam due to rain and a small accident. I was a bit late and both of them were already there since 7:30pm. LC ffk at last because of the training. Left 3 gal musketeers including me.

We can't make up our mind what should we have for dinner. Like school children, left no choice we have our 'lat, tali lat, tali tam pom'. SY lost at the first attempt. At last we decided to go around Asian Avenue. Initially wanted to try out "Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks" which is famous for the Oyster Mee Sua but SY do not eat oyster one.

Thus we ops for the stall next door - Ccozi & Friends which claim to be the best Korean street food in town. As from the food display looks very delicious.

As usual I'll order the bibimbap (Korean Mixed Rice In Hot Stone Bowl ) - Tuna & Kimchi Bibimbap. They have ordered Fresh Tuna Bibimbap and Bulgogi (Korean Beef BBQ) Bibimbap. Besides that, we ordered the chicken on skewer - Xtreme Chicken Fried (highly recommended if you're spicy lover coz you got chocked by just smelling it). RM5 per stick. The korean tea was just RM1 with free flow.

While eating the bibimbap, I started to complain about my vendor which was from Korea. Complain until I'm out of my breath. How they make my life miserable and stay awake for 3 days 2 nights twice for the same issues. How I argued and quarreled with them. How irresponsible they are... I have forgotten how many cup of tea I have refilled.

Both of them are the best listener. I was so relieved after complaining. I bet the Korean must be sneezing while I'm complaining. Haha...

They started to plan for the Christmas or New Year outing but I think I can't join for the count down as most probably I will need to standby :( Early celebration is preferable. :P

Ccozi & Friends :-
Tel : +6016-324-4607 (Andrew Kim), +6016-316-2900 (Joon Pak)
Email : (Andrew Kim), (Joon Pak)
Related Web Site :
Address : Lot number: 197, First Floor Asian Avenue, Sunway Piramid
Operational Hours : ~ 10pm

Monday, November 24, 2008

20081117 - MNP Stampede

After long journey back from Alor Setar, when I woke up in the early morning, found that my right eye was swollen. Right eye small, left eye big. Aiyoh! Today is MNP Stampede. Going or not go? Hesitated a while.

At the end, decided to go ahead cause it will be a another brand new experience. If not mistaken tea bag can cure the swollen eye but too bad no one drink tea at my house. Quickly find for alternate solution. The only option left is put the spoon into freezer and applied to my swollen eye. Luckily it does heal a bit. Both the size look pretty similar by now.

After having the 'nasi lemak' for my breakfast, we gather at the D'House car park. It was already crowded with around 1000 DiGizens. We have some aerobics warm up before departure and sang our stampede jingle which has a very nice melody. Can you feel the heat and spirit?

Today in total around 1000 DiGizens was located around PJ and KL area for this MNP stampede with 23 buses. Our first destination was 'PJ Old Town' followed by 'Solaris Mont Kiara'.

That was the first time I went to 'Solaris Mont Kiara'. Looked so new and classy but not many peoples around. :( There is a brand new Digi Retail Store. Now you can enjoy mobile vouchers for discount only at SoHoKL at certain dining outlets.

All of us ended up at the last destination - One Utama. I was overwhelmed by the yellow contingent found there. It was really amazing.

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20081114-16 - Cindy's Wedding at Alor Setar

Today once I finished my training I directly drove back with full speed. After taken my dinner and packed my luggage for my '老妈子' wedding. Aiks, raining outside. It has been a very hot week how come today suddenly rain? It didn't give me a very good sign.... :(

Finally reached Alor Setar at around 5am. Gave '老妈子' a very morning call. Luckily she picked up my phone. After 15 minutes, she was there with her mum to fetch me up. It was a very bad news. Her house was robbed yesterday night while she was having wedding dinner :( Lost most of the cash, as well as her purse. Gosh, my bus ticket also got stolen :(

Too tired to think, once reached her house. I just fall asleep on the nice, smooth and comfortable bed. Around 7am, I was awaken but the noice. Hardly open my eyes actually. Talking to '老妈子' with eyes closed. Can't recalled what we have chat about. My head was all in white.

Her hair dresser was there helping her to setup her hair and makeup while I was sleeping besides the bed :P It took around 1 hour for the makeup but it's worth it as you can really see the difference.

Now I can really see the power of makeup. You can see the big difference before and after, right? Look this little boy, so cute and smart.

When '老豆' came to fetch '老妈子', he was tortured by all the '姐妹'. Plus he's super stingy and all the '姐妹' wouldn't let him in. When the cute little boy saw the scene, he just don't understand and asked why those 'Jie Jie' bully Uncle Xiang - '老豆'? When we heard that all of us laughed non-stop. He's '老妈子' nephew.

Finally '老豆' broke through all the obstacles and got '老妈子' . Yeah!

It was a tiring day after all the ceremony. I was given the honour to became one of the camera gal with the Sony DSLR provided by '老妈子' father. Not sure the out come is good or not. '老妈子' please forgive me if I'm not a good one.

We have dinner at one of the restaurant. The dinner ended pretty early.

As usual it's photos session after the dinner. (Can you spot me???) Tonight I can't be lamp bulb thus I had packed my luggage and stay at '老妈子' friend's house.

The next day is the time for me to leave. Early morning the new couple purposely came to fetch me and introduced me to one of the famous curry mee shop - "Chuan Nam' which located at Jalan Putra. The mee was served in less than 10 minutes although it's full house. It's a bit different from Penang curry mee which is more spicy.

I'm not sure when we'll meet again. Probably will be the day another '妞妞' get married or when you have baby.

It took me around 9 hours ride from Alor Setar back to my home sweet home. My back bone was terribly hurt and pained after the long ride :(