Monday, July 20, 2009

The World Is Spinning :S

Yesterday night was my cousin's wedding. I can't make it on-time to the wedding at 7pm so my parents and sisters left me behind. After rushing from Segambut back to Klang, I just took a quick bath and drove to the wedding dinner.

Luckily it was just a stone throw away from my house. Once reached there, I gave a call to my sister for the exact location. Once enter the ballroom, I was just in time. The wedding just started. I was being allocated at the first row. The wedding was really grand and my uncle had invited alot of peoples for the wedding.

My aunt and uncle were questioning me why I was late. I just gave them a polite smile. I was still full with the heavy lunch I have had at Tenji. The food only started to serve at 9pm.

My uncle was so warm to get me wain. Usually after 1-2 glasses of wain, I'm still ok but yesterday after the 1st glass of wain, I was ok but after 1 hour, I started to feel that my head was a bit heavy and heartbeat started to pump so fast. I can really felt the heat and a bit of dizziness.

The dishes were served pretty slow. I was eagerly wanted to go back due to the effect of wain. Once the dessert being served, I quickly finished it and drank the 2nd glasses of wain and drove back on my own.

I can really felt that I almost started to loose my way. Once reached home, I drank alot of water but when I was climbing up the stair, I can felt my face and eyes were burning and can't even walked properly. I managed to on my laptop and chat a few words. Without my notice, I just fall aslept while chating via MSN...

There is once my friend told me that when you drink liquor in room temperature, you can feel when you get drunk but not when you drink it cold. You can drink alot when it's cold and you'll get drunk once the liquor started to evaporate inside your body. So it's not advisable to drink liquor in cold.

I found one thing good about being drank was you can sleep very soundly but you will find yourself so dehydrated the next morning...

Sunday, July 5, 2009