Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Children + Fire = Danger

Just step in my house, my sis and mom started to tell story. This afternoon, the house next next door on my right just caught fire.

I looked at them unbelievable. Fire? I never thought it would happened just a few meter away from my house and my house was lucky to escape from the fire. The house next to it was caught by the fire as well. Then started to smell some burning smell.

The root cause was suspected that the 6 years old child was playing with lighter upstair while his granny was doing house chore downstair. Accidently the fire started to spread. The granny was only notice when someone opposite shout that their house caught fire. The granny immediately escape out from the house with her grandchild.

She knocked on my door to borrow the phone but my sis thought it was just some swindle and do not bother her. Later only she sense something went wrong because it was a bit chaotic outside and some burning smell.

My mom who came back in the afternoon saw the fire was spreading through the roof top very fast. Everyone was worried while waiting for the fireman to came for the rescued but they waited for quite long and the fireman was not arrived. Besides that when the fireman came, they have difficulty to connect the host.

My house was lucky to escape being affected because my neighbour had build up a high wall as a divider and that wall had blocked the fire from spreading over.

Children are alway curious and like to play with something they're not allowed to. It's really dangerous to left children at home without supervision. Even with supervision need to be really careful of what they can reach out. In Malaysia, there are alot of fire cases which were cause by carelessness of human being. Fire can be our friend as well as our enemy...

Monday, December 21, 2009








Saturday, December 19, 2009

20091213 ~ Broga Hill

Malaysia's December is full of holiday. Except the first week, we just need to work 4 days per week.

Initially plan to go for SkyTrex on 11-December but later being cancelled. It was my fault because I fail to make the reservation early as planned. Felt so bad for my friends since we managed to gather around 10 pax for the activity.

It has been a very long time since the last trip I had with HK, Sam, SK... Recently found that my sis went to Broga Hill (武來岸山) which located at Semenyih (士毛多) and the scenery look pretty nice. Suggested to HK for half day trip to Broga Hill. The response was not really good, only me, HK and Sam wanted to go for the hiking. Sam managed to pull some of his friend from Seremban to join for the hiking.

There are 2 option either went there as early as possible to catch the sun rise or not. Since it's just for leisure, we decided to depart at 7am from Sam's house. SK joined us last minute. This is the first time I was late to reach HK's house.

When we reached Sam's house. I gave him a call but he was still in his dreamland. Once we're inside Sam's car, clearly I can sense that his mood was pretty bad as I woke him up intentionally... The atmosphere of the car was pretty tense :(

Everything was back to normal after we have breakfast. Sam's friend - Xing Fu brought us for breakfast which is famous for the spicy soup. There were alot of variety, firstly we choose type of noodles, dry/soup - mee, mihun, kuey teow, lou shu fan, wan tan mee, secondly we choose the soup - curry soup(咖哩汤), spicy soup(辣汤), plain soup(清汤), thirdly - want internal organ or not.

Since it was famous for spicy soup I have ordered dry lou shu fan with spicy soup without internal organ. The lou shu fan was so so but the spicy soup was full of pepper where you'll get edicted once you started to drink. I was almost chocked with the first sipped.

After the breakfast it was almost 9am. Wah, so late. The sun was 'working' this Sunday. I started to regret for join the hike at this hour. Xing Fu did not joined us since today was her family day. Sam's friend - Eddie fetched us to Broga Hill with his new Peugeot 308.

On our way to Broga Hill, we passed by University of Nottingham. They planned to visit the University after the hiking. Everyone was on their way back meanwhile we're just setting our mark to start hiking :(

The only thing Sam's did good for once was brought along his 'Banana Boat Sunblock'. Though it looked like expired because of the watery texture of the sunblock...

We left HK behind because he was already exhausted half way to first peak. He was not having enough sleep. When we reached the first peak, we waited for him.
Quick, HK (guy in yellow)! You're almost here... The first peak :P

SK, don't be so happy. Here's just the first peak, ok!

I was alway looking for shade to avoid sun exposure. Some shoot taken behind the rock.

In the end only, Eddie went till the peak while all of us shading behind a big rock. While waiting for Eddie to get down, Sam took the time to make up - apply sunblock.

Getting down was not as easy as it looks. The slope was pretty steep and sandy. Every step need to be very careful else it's like wearing roller blade going down the slope.

Safely reached the oil palm estate at 11:30 am. We stopped at one of the restaurant (柚木园烧鱼) which is famous for the grill fish especially Tilapia (非洲鱼). The owner recommended us salted baked grill, chili padi grill, crispy chicken chop and bean sprout with salted fish.

The salted baked grill was nicer compare to chili padi grill. I do not taste the salted fish although it's bean sprout with salted fish. The chrispy chicken chop was really chrispy but a bit oily. Ended up in total RM100 for 5 pax.

We try to enter University of Nottingham but the guard did not allowed us in and just let you make a U-turn back. Eddie purposely slow down his car just to have a look at the University. The guard was pretty curious and annoyed by us.

After the lunch, we do not have anything to do but just loaf around Semenyih and Kajang shopping mall.

Next time should depart early to avoid sun burned at Broga Hill.