Friday, August 14, 2009

** 814 **

"814" - What does that mean???

Numbers has been widely use to represent some words in chinese. It's widely use in SMS, MSN... For an example :-

918 ~ ‘加油吧’ (Ganbate!)
88 ~ ‘拜拜’ (Goodbye)
246 ~ ‘饿死了’(Starving)
168 ~ ‘一路发’(Keep on getting wealthy)

Then what does 814 mean? In chinese it can be interprete into 2 different Chinese words, '发一世' and '发一死'. Both of the interpretation give total different meaning. The prior mean get wealthy your whole life, the later mean once you get wealthy you'll be dying...

Never thought of the meaning hiding behing those numbers until one day while I was talking with my friends and she asked when is my birthday. She just kept on repeating my birthday then suddenly she just connect 14-Aug to the above 2 Chinese words. Now, when they asked for my birthday, I'll just use the first Chinese words since it give a better meaning :)

While I was counting down for my birthday on MSN, the first call came in. The one and only one who will always gave me a call sharp at this time. Then my MSN started to blink none stop. In total was like 6 peoples greeting me at the same time and most of them are from my ex-colleagues.

After that I was hoping for some sweet dream. Unfortunately I was waken up by a call early morning. Once I saw it was a '03' number, those bad feeling just arose. Outage.... :'( Yes, there was some problem at the Southern region. Sigh...

It was a bad starting of my day with outage. This week has been a very dark week. Everyday there're something bad happening. Later received wishes via MSN, SMS, Facebook... which balance up my day. The issue resolved before lunch. Happily looking forward for the lunch then found that I have left my purse at home.

Around 5:30pm, planner was celebrating birthday for their team member. They shared the cake with all of us as well. He's the second person whom I knew which has the same birthday as I do. First was another guy from Philippine.

Later I have to drove home to take my purse and before that I managed to book the ticket for my next year Bali trip via AirAsia at RM123 per pax. Yeah!!! 6 of us will be going and they're all my ex-colleagues.

Dinner at Sunway Pyramid as usual. I was given a treat by 3 beautiful gals at Pasta Zanmai. The food was pretty nice. I like the sesame source.

Came back home at around 11 pm. After taken my bath, on my laptop as usual. Replied all the wishes posted on my facebook wall. Counting down again which gave an end to ~ 814 ~

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pre-Training ~ Gua Batu Maloi

Finally make up my mind to join my friend's super challenging and exotic tour to Mulu. It'll be a total 10 days 9 nights at Gunung Mulu National Park which include Gunung Mulu Summit Trail(2,377meters), Deer Cave, Lang's Cave, Bat Exodus, Sarawak Chamber Cave , Clear Water Cave, Wind Cave, The Pinnacles.

Initially do not plan to join the tour due to this year, every 3 months I took a long holiday. It has been pretty hard to take long holiday as whenever I went for vacation, something bad will happened... This time I just can't bring my laptop along :(

Furthermore, I made a big mistake when I made the flight reservation. I booked the ticket on 28-August instead of 29-August. Deep inside my heart, I was thinking it might be my destiny that I shouldn't join for the trip... So I told BY that I'm joining but later told her that I can't make it after the wrong flight reservation. After struggling hard, I decided to take the challenge.

But after reading through the itinerary in details, I became timid and doubt whether I'm physically fit for this activity. I do not want to give up the trail half way. It has been 5 years since my last hiking. Besides that, I'm not doing any exercise regularly. My life was like working, sleeping, eating, dramaing, movieing... It's just a very unhealthy life style which is consider a sickness to most of the working group...

This Tuesday received email from BY regarding Gua Batu Maloi caving. They have been training quite often for this trip meanwhile I never do any preparation. So today went to Gua Batu Maloi which located at Tampin. There were 2 groups including us joining for the caving - in total 16 of us. It took around 2-3 hours to complete the whole course.

It's different from most of the other cave in Malaysia which formed from stalactite and stalagmite. This cave is formed beneath large rock with a total of 1 kilometer in length. It was not popular like Gua Tempurung.

The hardest part was you need to submerge into the water in order to cross the narrow and winding passage while the current was so strong and trying to drive you away from the passage. Sometime your leg will caught in between the rock and stucked there without knowing how to move forward. I even gave a big knock on my head against the rock. At that moment, I was black out for a moment and gain back consciousness a while later.

Cut, scratches, brushes were found on my hand and leg. I was thinking, why am I paying to suffer? The answer remain unknown. Besides that, BY's friend was so worry and trying to arrange another challenging hiking for me next week to make sure I've some experience before joining the Mulu trip end of this month. Sigh... Felt a bit regret now...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

~~ Beautifully Imperfect ~~

This meaningful advertisement was directed by Yasmin Ahmad who is one of the well known director, writer and scriptwriter in Malaysia as well as internationally for her creativity, humor, warm heart, touching story across multi-racial. Unfortunately we lost her recently on 25-July.

It seems that we alway remember the imperfect part in our life more than anything else. That's why it's so call ~ beautifully imperfect ~