Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gua Tempurung Exploration & Sungai Klah Hot Spring

Still in my dreamland, the alarm clock rang as early as 5:00am... It was a torture for me to wake up such early.

Crawling in the dark, found my car key. My car's engine broke the silence in this early hour. The highway was so smooth without many car around. Ops. Which one is HK's house? Second row? Make mistake again :( Yawning while waiting for the others.

'Yu Lai Shang Jiung'! See!My palm is just as big as my face. Haha... After the Mac-D breakfast, 5 of us are on our way to Gua Tempurung. The place I have had wanted to go since 2 years ago.

Finally we're there. Took a deep and long breath at country side to clean my polluted lung.
We wanted to take Tour 3 but it needed 8 pax to go for the tour. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5..... still miss 3 pax. How??? There are a group of CIMB's staf and 2 other groups who join Tour 4. Wait for other group to go for Tour 3? Or go for Tour 4 now? We decided to take the challenge - Tour 4 Grand Tour which took around 3.5 hours (RM 22 per pax).

There are a few high skill post like crocodile crawling in the water, rock sliding, hole tunneling, experience darkness and ladder climbing. It's really a good experience where you can have the chance to view the significance stalagmite and stalactite to form this awesome cave. According to the renjer, it took 100 years to form 1 inch high of stalagmite or stalactite if the water drop is fast or else it need 200-300 years per inch.

We were out under the sunny sun after 4 hours of exploration. Our look after the exploration.

Here are 4 of our macho guys after the tour.

We are so exhausted and hungry. We quickly cleaned ourselves up and departed to Ipoh (RM 1 for bath per pax). Yeah!!! Good food waiting ahead.

KS - the Ipoh boy became our tour guide. He introduced this famous food in Ipoh which is called 'Da Shu Xia' (Under Big Tree). We have 'lai fan' - long and a bit transparent rice noodles, special Ipoh 'Chee Cheong Fan' (rice noodle roll with mushroom source) and rojak (famous m'sian mix fruit with dark shrimp source).

After late lunch, we went to buy some sourvenir such as salted chicken, 'xiang bing', Ipoh famous white coffee and pamelo. Known as Ipoh boy but kept on bringing us 'yau fa yuen'!!! Turn here, no no no, turn there, no no no, it's here, no no, it's there..... faint.......

We left Ipoh at around 6pm. It took another 45 minutes to Sungkai where the Sungai Klah Hot Spring is located.

Eh, how come is RM10? The website stated RM9... KS said he had student card. That's great. Asked him to buy ticket. The receptionist told him no student price :( However, when he paid for the ticket, she returned RM15 to him. That mean it's just RM7 per pax. Lucky us :) (probably it's too late).

It's tea time + dinner time. We tried to boiled the egg with the hot spring water. We waited patiently for the egg to boil. Thinking of the salted chicken, my stomach started to make noice.

Once open the paper which packed the salted chicken, the chinese herb aroma catch my 'nose'. My slaver came out non stop. KS, Sam and Me wanted to ate the drum stick but only 2 drum stick available... After "janken" battle with them, I lost the delicious and juicy drum stick... crying... Not gentlemen at all!!!

We left Sungkai around 8pm and heading back to Subang. That 4 guys are just like gal chit chat for the whole journey back to Subang. It was a tiring and nice tour I have with them.

Gua Tempurung contact:
Tel : +6012 592 8952 (Noorafeza), +6019-543 7192 (Abdul Manan), +6016-528 8340 (Norzaleha)
Fax : +605-318 8557
Website :
Email :
Operational Hours : 9am - 5pm

Sungai Klah Hot Spring contact:
Tel : +605 438 8801 or +603 2697 9772
Website :
Address : Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park, 36000 Sungkai, Perak.
Operational Hours : 9am - 6pm (weekday), 9am-10pm (weekend)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Look ;)

Sis : Jie, let's go for hair cut?
Me : Em... Lazy ler...
Sis : Don't just watch drama. I want to do rebounding.
Me : Huh, I need to wait for 3-4 hours. No way man. Don't disturb me!

Few minutes later........
Sis : Jie, see this one only RM10 for junior cut.
Me : Ok......
Sis : Let me called them up first.
Me : (Hehe...) No one picked up the phone. Today is public holiday. Close shop.
She called again, this time someone picked up the phone.
Sis : Quickly go to change your cloths.
Me : Ooooo....... (The eyes still sticked to the monitor.....)

Ah, that's the shop - Tenze Hair Studio. Once step in, am I in the pool of hairs??? Hair over the floor and everyone busy doing their jobs. Then they just asked us to have a seat. Not a very good impression...... Later a guy came and asked my sis. She wanted to do the rebounding. I'm a bit embarrassed to tell him that I wanted a junior cut. So I just asked got junior cut or not. The man said yes and then just seated my sis meanwhile I just stand there. Even worst impression.

So I just sat back at the waiting seat...... Watching them flying here and there. Then this young hair stylist in front of me entertaining a fussy customer. Can't really heard what the lady said to him, but then I knew that she's not that satisfied with the cut. Pointing here and there, and he's trying hard to satisfy her. After he finished her cut, he came to me.

Directly I asked him how much does their saloon charged for hair cut. Senior cut less than RM30 (RM24 or RM27 or...), Junior cut is RM17 (the one i'm interested). How if I have coupon? RM10. Deal! How many junior are there? 2, me and another hair stylist. Ok, I trust you and let you cut my hair.

You can cut any style which you think is suitable for me, I told him. Before he cut, he gave me some brief explanation on the hair style he's going to cut for me. Later I saw him accidentally cut his hand and bleeding none stop. Asked him to take care of his wound first, he said it's normal and continue cutting with full concentration. From time to time, he'll explain the next step and asked for opinion is that ok or not. After the cut, I'm pretty impress with his cut as a junior. Look good on me. Look younger actually :P

When I'm going to pay for the cut. He told them just RM10. I was pretty surprised. Actually I plan to pay RM 17 for his good work. Yet, even I didn't hand over the coupon I cut from the magazine, they just accepted RM10.

Found that they're actually pretty friendly. Probably they're too busy and have no time to entertained their walked in customer.
As for my suggestion,
a) do clean up the hairs on the floor once they finish the cut
b) tell their walked in or call in customer that currently they're having alot of customer and please come at 30 minutes later or so (if the customers are willing to wait then it's ok but never let the customers sit down waiting)

The lesson I learned today is everyone needed to be trusted. My support engineer used to told me once that I should trust him. Starting from that day, I told myself I should trust people more of their capability and profession. As what I did today and I get a satisfied new hair style from his profession. For parents, please give faith and support to your children. Don't doubt their capability as what my parents did to me. For employer, please trust your employee. Give them space to be more innovative and boost up their motivation.

Contact of Tenze Hair Studio (Schwarzkopf Professional):
Tel : + 603-33420611 (HQ), + 603-33244611 (Branch)
HP : 6012-2408833 (Avier), +6012-3713384 (Sterz), +6012-3735196 (Fong)
HQ : No 24G, Jalan Temoh, Off Jalan Goh Hock Huat, 41400 Klang, Selangor.
Branch : No. 63-0, Ground Floor, Jalan Batu Nilam 4, Bandar Bukit Tinggi, 41200 Klang, Selangor.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Why ME???

Hp blinking... It's Dad calling... The very first time. A known issue. Asking me to go back later and transfer back my 'little hubby' - kancil 600cc back to me at JPJ. My Dad sold him off last week and transfer him to another person the very same last week...... Unfortunately that guy can't pay my Dad last week as what he promised and keep on telling story. My Dad get pissed off and make a police report that he tried to cheat my Dad.

Why is that I'm the one who have to bare the mistake done by someone? Let me start the story. When I first started my industrial training my Dad bought me a very brand new 'little hubby' for me. After my industrial training, I left my 'hubby' with my sis as asked by my mom. Since Penang is a nice and peaceful place, I don't really need a car compare to my sis who's studying in Skudai. After my studies, I left M'sia for 2 years. Without any doubt, my 'hubby' no longer belong to me.

Finally I'm back. My Dad just return my 'hubby' to me and bought a second hand Proton Wira 1.6 for my sis. And guess what. When I drove him to Penang, I found that he's pretty sick. I changed 4 of his leg (tyres and absorber), fix here and there and later found some hole at his back. My sis accidentally poured the battery acid at the car back and she never clean it up. Over the day day, month month, year year, the acid has eaten up his body. When I told my Dad my sis 'good' present, he just said, it's nothing, can be fixed. Ya, fixing hole that you can see the road :S

Then during the New Year Eve. Guess what...... When my parents woke up, they found that my sis Proton Wira 1.6 was stolen. Those police report and car tracing is making my house up side down. I have had to fetch her to work everyday. After 1 months, my Dad declared that the car will never be found back. He bought another second hand car for my sis. An identical twin to her previous one. The very same weekend, a police came to my house and said that they had found her car. What a tragic.

Recently the Wira is out from the garage. My Dad just advertised to sold off my 'hubby'. He wanted me to collect my sis old chunk. First day driving, the car was so smelly, steering wheel was so sticky, speedometer not working, radio not working, break seems like having some problem, the car was dancing when i break....... Once went back started to complain here and there. Refuse to drive it until it's totally fix. After fix once, now it's the fuel indicator not working, alignment still not done, speaker spoilt on the left hand side. So frustrated. Why the insurance company didn't insured all this stuff??? And why don't they ensure that the car was fully fixed before release it. What are they doing to the car all this months??? I and my Dad have to pay for every penny to repair this old chunk which belong to my sis!!! Unfair!!!

Besides that, my 'hubby' buyer just can't manage to pay my Dad as promised. My Dad purposely called me up to go to lawyer firm to sign up those JPJ doc and when we're going to the JPJ for the transfer, finally the buyer got his $$ to pay my Dad. Rushed back and hand over my sweet 'hubby' to him :'( Actually that guy promised to pay this afternoon yet my Dad just don't trust him and asked me to go back purposely to settle the car transfer. Sigh....... Purposely went back and leave job for 2 hours. At the end, got nothing but trouble.

Recently petrol increase like hell. I have to afford that chunk which is a petrol vampire. Everything will be 3 - 4 times what I spend on my 'little hubby' :( I'm not trying to be calculative. Why me who's alway cleaning up my sis left out dirt. Innocent me.......