Thursday, June 25, 2009

Covered by Black Cloud...

Recently I were covered by all the bad luck. Not sure why all those bad things kept on happening to me...

Since last month 13 June, I started to be covered by 'black cloud'. Server crash, outage again. It took me around 1 weeks to solve the problem and another 3 days 2 nights to fully restored the server and service.

After that, I was hoping for a peaceful life but it doesn't end like that. 2nd July midnight, suddenly received called that the system was having problem again... I pop up from my bed to check the servers. Everything was alright. Then later found that both the DB encountered some problem. No vendor support. 12 midnight some more... What to do? So I just did something and then everything seems ok initially.

Who knows after half an hour, found that both of the DB was down and cannot be re-booted. Do some troubleshooting but still cannot solved the problem. Can't help so just escalate to my manager then called vendor up for help. Vendor can't do anything also.

Another 2 days 1 nights to bring up the service and 3 days 2 nights to resolve the problem. The biggest problem and major outage I have ever encountered. No DB backup, total lost of both DB... Initially thought after 2 days the problem will resolve and I'm safe to fly but on 5th July another issue popped up on the same day. I was monitoring the system until I missed my flight. The first time ever happened to me. Have argument with my sister on this as well. :(

I bought another ticket on Sunday just to continue my vacation. It was not really a pleasant vacation. My luggage was being spoilt for the first time.

Last Wednesday, I scratched the bottom of my car badly :(

This Monday another horrible things happened. My tyre was gone flat due to I knocked on the divider while doing the cornering... Maybe it was not bad luck just careless...

When one bad thing happened, I just can't avoid linking all of them up and make myself think it's due to bad luck... I think I need to do more good deed to resolve all this bad luck. Hopefully it'll help.

Thursday, June 18, 2009