Friday, August 20, 2010

~ Birthday Celebration ~

Every 2 years I'll get a new handphone with the 1k voucher. Initially wanted to get SE Vivaz Pro but with some bad experience I have had with SE, didn't dare to get SE anymore...

I have a early celebration at Amcorp Mall Haeun Khon Resturant with LC. Accompany with me was some outages. Eating while monitoring the services. Sigh... It was really a terrible dark Friday - 13 Aug.

Later LC introduced me Food Foundry located at Section 17 which is famous for it's French dessert - Mille Crepe. LC bought a 'Strawberry Mille Crepe' (RM 9) for me meanwhile I insist to get another 'Chesse Cake' (RM 9) for myself.

Tonight we're going to depart to Sg. Lembing. I had wanted to visit Sg. Lembing for years but never realized. When LC invited me to join the trip organized by YM, I didn't think twice to join. So nice to celebrate my birthday there :) It was a very tiring trip but really enjoy myself there with YM's colleague and her friends.

Although I'm not 18 years old anymore but still felt very happy to receive birthday present especially from friends who still remember your birthday every year. She even sent the 'Echika Ikebukuro' handphone decor which can't be bought.

Really enjoy my birthday celebration. Stepping into another new century... Can't help thinking that age don't tell lie...